Alumni Veterans

The Arcola Alumni Association is proud to recognize those veterans who attended Arcola High School. Those individuals who have served are documented by their branch of the service. Click on the military branch or click to view by the person's last name.

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Information on the veterans listed to the right is incomplete. If you can provide information that confirms their service and/or attendance at Arcola High School, please complete the Veteran Form and return it to the Arcola Alumni Association.

Any veteran who attended or graduated from Arcola High School will be recognized. If you know of someone who qualifies, please complete the Veteran Form and return it to the Arcola Alumni Association.

Reprint of the "Ghere Family Veterans" by Sue Stout, originally published in the Arcola Record-Herald on November 7, 2013.

Adams, Don
Alcorn, Leo
Alcorn, Richard
Alexander, William Henry
Allen, Clifford
Anderson, Dennis
Andres, Clarence T.
Baxter, Donald
Belles, Lewis
Bennett, Rev. William W.
Bergfield, Lloyd
Bergfield, Lowell
Bowers, LaDeane
Brandenburg, Max
Bromley, James K.
Brown, Henry Verde
Bryant, Lloyd
Burch, Clifford
Burch, Clovis
Burch, Lonnie
Burch, Orville
Burch, Ralph
Burch, Raymond
Burch, Jr., Fred
Butts, Henry
Cain, Edgar
Case, Ralph
Chumbley, Dale
Clark, David
Conner, Orville
Connor, John M.
Cook, Lloyd Frank
Coombe, Don P.
Cox, Lawrence
Crowe, Leroy C.
Cuskaden, Myron E.
Dague, Archie
Daugherty, Roger
Davis, Lester
Davis, Ross E.
Davis, William Wesley
Davis, Jr., Lester
Dilbeck, Carl T.
Dilliner, George (Class of 1968)
Dillman, Newell Vern
Dowling, Maurice
Duncan, Frank L.
Dutton, James Sherman
Early, Malcolm Lee
Early, Percy “Boze” Alonzo
Edgar, Morris
Edmunds, Rev. W. J.
Edwards, Donald
Edwards, Herman
Ernst, Walter R.
Fairbanks, James
Flory, Dale
Ford, Leonard
Foster, Dr. Robert H.
Foster, Keith John
Furlong, Robert
Gamble, Dale Oliver
Gardner, Loren
Gardner, Wayne Morris
Gee, Charles
Gee, Terry
Gibbs, James
Gibson, Floyd Elmer
Gilbert, Lowell R.
Gordon, Charles Duane
Gordon, Donald Morris
Gordon, Glenn Joseph
Gordon, William “Bill” Thomas
Gordon, Jr., Bert
Grant, Charles Edward
Gray, Benjamin Freeman
Green, Maurice R.
Greenwood, Bert M.
Groff, Rev. H. B.
Guyot, Dale
Harpe, James A.
Harrington, John (born 1894)
Harshbarger, Robert R.
Hartford, William Henry
Hayes, Glenn H.
Heidlebaugh, John R.
Henby, Carl Edward
Hendrickson, Kenneth
Hudson, Charles
Hughes, Clifford
Jacobs, Edwin
Janes, Donald
Jenkins, Elmer Lloyd
Jocelyn, Robert
Jones, Charles Edward
Kearns, Albert
Kelsey, Gary
Key, Paul Edward
Key, William J.
Kimble, Theodore
Kitchen, Eddie
Knotts, Wilbur
Knotts, William
Kramer, Charles L.
Kupsik, Marty
Lawrence, Robert E.
Lewellen, Harvey
Livesay, Delbert W.
Livesay, James Claude
Livesay, John J.
Lozier, Robert O.
Lutz, John Frederick
Lynn, Charles W.
Lynn, Orval R.
Lyons, Lawrence
Mattingly, Richard
Mattingly, Jr., Dennie
Maxwell, Robert
McAvene, Stephen
McDonald, James W.
McLane, Earl S.
McLane, James Richard
McLane, Michael
McLane, Thomas
McMillan, Donald
McMillan, Randall
McNary, William F.
Miller, Edward G.
Miller, Richard O.
Miller, William Dean
Morris, Jesse
Moyer, Ralph D.
Munson, Calvin
Murphy, Floyd "Pat"
Noblitt, Ralph E.
O'Neill, Thomas
Parker, John
Parlow (Partlow?), Alvin E.
Partlow, John, H.
Patridge, Joseph
Peeler, Ralph
Perkinson, Howard
Pfeifer, James M.
Pickard, Harry L.
Poorman, Charles Russell
Poorman, Glendolyn M.
Porter, Glenn Harland
Poynter, Edward Allen
Quirk, Jr., M. T.
Randolph, Robert
Reece, John S.
Reece, Robert H.
Reece, Thomas E.
Reese, Charles
Rich, Billy L.
Rippey, Harold
Roberts, W. Keith
Ronk, Charles
Santrock, Harold C.
Schwanz, Richard
Schwanz, William O.
Scott, Edward J.
Scott, William
Seaman, Glen
Seaman, Vernon S.
Shaffer, Clarence
Shaw, Wesley Ray
Shelby, Charles
Sitz, Clement R.
Sitz, George A.
Slutzkey, Herman
Smith, James
Spelman, Harold
Spelman, Martin Keith
Steinmetz, Keith
Steinmetz, Robert E.
Swisher, Robert Gene
Tague, John
Tague, William
Terril, John D.
Thein, John Carl
Thomas, Harold H.
Thornhill, Shirley
Trotter, Henry Harrison
Van Gundy, Jr., C. W. "JR"
Van Horn, James
Vandeveer, Carl
Vandeveer, Thomas
Vermillion, Gordon
Walters , William Harold
Watson, Robert
Wirth, George
Wright, Dale

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