Trophy Cases

As of March 21, 2012, donations totaling $20,581.95 have been received - exceeding the $15,143 cost of the project.

The Arcola Alumni Association board wishes to thank all donors for their generous support of the Trophy Case project. Kenneth Hostetler is also to be commended for his craftsmanship. The finished trophy cases are beautiful!!

Pictured below is the presentation of the donation to the Trophy Case Fund by the Arcola Sports Boosters.

Photo courtesy of Slack Publications

Left to Right: Lisa Edwards, Booster Club president; Sue Stout, Arcola Alumni Association; Dr. Robert Arrol, Arcola Alumni Association;
Melissa Conlin, Booster Club board member; John Fishel, Arcola Alumni Association president; Mark Thomas, Booster Club secretary;
Debbie Stenger, Booster Club treasurer; Judy Thomas, Arcola Alumni Association; Jon Watson, Jana Nacke, and John Connor, Booster Club board members

The first section of the new trophy cases (photo below) was installed by Kenneth Hostetler on November 9, 2011 in the south entrance lobby (new addition) at the school. Coach Jason Retz and several students have transferred all of the trophies from the north entrance trophy case to the new trophy case. The second section of trophy cases was installed in the lobby of the north gymnasium on December 28, 2011. The third, and final, section of Trophy Cases was installed in the lobby of the gymnasium March 23, 2012.

Photo courtesy of Slack Publications

You must stop by and see them - they look GREAT!

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