AHS Florida Snowbirds

Twenty Arcola High School alumni who are "Snowbirds" in Florida attended the 5th annual "AHS FL Snowbirds Reunion" on February 22, 2018. The event was hosted by Gail and Andy (AHS '62) Walton at Camden Lakes in Naples, FL.

Front Row, L-R: Mary (Johns) Baird, Jan (Idleman) Akers, Barbara (Harris) Birch, Pat (Harris) Johnson, Billiejean (Arthur) Clark, Jo Ann (Boesiger) Beyers, Suzy (Bowers) Mast, Connie (Johns) Gilles
Back Row, L-R: Tim Monahan, Andy Walton, Richard Keal, Cinda (Thompson) Berry, Corky Clark, Denny Johnson, Dan Ghere, Bob Coombe, Dan Pilson, Lyle Johns
Attending, but absent from the photo: Angie (Rothrock) Temples, Jim Monahan, Joe Monahan

Front Row, L-R: Pat (Harris) Johnson, Karen Coombe, Jo Ann (Boesiger) Beyers, Barbara (Harris) Birch, Billiejean (Arthur) Clark, Suzy (Bowers) Mast, Connie (Johns) Gillis, Mary (Johns) Baird
Back Row, L-R: Joan Monahan, Jan (Idleman) Akers, Cinda (Thompson) Berry, Gail Walton, Anne Ghere, Mary Ann Johns, Marilyn Keal

Front Row, L-R: Mike Berry, Denny Johnson, Jim Baird, Bob Coombe, John Gilles, Dan Pilson, Lyle Johns
Back Row, L-R: Jerry Akers, Tim Monahan, Richard Keal, Andy Walton, Corky Clark, Dan Ghere, Freeman Mast

Jan (Idleman) Akers, Jerry Akers, Billiejean (Arthur) Clark, Corky Clark, Dan Ghere

Jerry Akers, Gail Walton

Andy Walton, Cinda (Thompson) Berry, Dan Ghere, Mike Berry

Billiejean (Arthur) Clark, Suzy (Bowers) Mast, Freeman Mast, Dan Ghere

Andy Walton, Jerry Akers

Jan (Idleman) Akers, Billiejean (Arthur) Clark, Richard Keal, Marilyn Keal

Foreground: Cinda (Thompson) Berry, Suzy (Bowers) Mast
Background: Billiejean (Arthur) Clark, Joan Monahan, Dan Ghere, Tim Monahan, Corky Clark, Marilyn Keal

Mike Berry, Gail Walton

Dan Pilson, Joan Monahan, Gail Walton

Lyle Johns, John Gilles, Billiejean (Arthur) Clark

Foreground: Lyle Johns, John Gilles, Connie (Johns) Gilles
Background: Joan Monahan, Gail Walton

Foreground: Cinda (Thompson) Berry, Suzy (Bowers) Mast
Background: Mary (Johns) Baird, JoAnn (Boesiger) Beyers, Billiejean (Arthur) Clark

Anne Ghere, Dan Ghere, Billiejean (Arthur) Clark

Dan Pilson, Connie (Johns) Gilles

Jan (Idleman) Akers, Denny Johnson

John Gilles, Jim Baird

Lyle Johns, John Gilles, Jim Baird, Dan Pilson

Pat (Harris) Johnson, Gail Walton, Bob Coombe, Denny Johnson

Anne Ghere, Dan Ghere, Billiejean (Arthur) Clark

Dan Pilson, Connie (Johns) Gilles

Jan (Idleman) Akers

Andy Walton, Jim Baird, Jan (Idleman) Akers, Denny Johnson

Doug Dunagan, Andy Walton

Doug Dunagan, Pat (Harris) Johnson

Andy Walton, Dan Ghere, Dan Pilson

Corky Clark, Jim Monahan

Mary (Johns) Baird, Suzy (Bowers) Mast

Lyle Johns, Doug Dunagan

Gerald Temples, Jim Monahan, Angie (Rothrock) Temples, Linda Rollings, Anne Monahan, Joe Monahan

Foreground: Suzy (Bowers) Mast, Corky Clark, Joe Monahan
Background: Freeman Mast, Jim Monahan

Andy Walton, Freeman Mast, Dan Pilson

Jim Monahan, Corky Clark, Joe Monahan

Linda Rollings, Mike Berry

Cinda (Thompson) Berry, Angie (Rothrock) Temples
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