Class of 2023

Video of the Distinguished Alumni banquet of October 14, 2023
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Scenes from the Distinguished Alumni banquet on October 14, 2023

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Photos Courtesy of Emily Coombe

William Robert "Bob" Fortney

Mark Fortney, Joan Fortney Niderberg, David Fortney

Bob Fortney Biography

Introduction of Bob Fortney by Sue Stout

Virginia L. Fortney

Marsha Fortney Hershey, Mike Fortney, Don Fortney, Jim Fortney,
Joe Fortney, David Fortney, Joan Fortney Niderberg, Mark Fortney

Virginia Fortney Biography

Introduction of Virginia Fortney by Sue Stout

John V. "Jack" Fishel

Jim Fishel, Jeff Fishel, Amy Jo Fishel Mueller,
Ali Fishel Keller, John Fishel

Jack Fishel Biography

Introduction of Jack Fishel by Gail Chaney Kalinich

John G. "Corky" Clark

Bryan Clark, Billiejean Clark, "Butch" Clark
Corky Clark

Corky Clark Biography

Introduction of Corky Clark by Dan Ghere

Dennis R. "Denny" Thompson

Janet Boyer Thompson, Denny Thompson

Denny Thompson Biography

Introduction of Denny Thompson by Charles "Skip" Lee

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