1933-1937 Football Teams

From 1933 into the 1937 season, the Arcola High School football team won 33 consecutive games. Below are team pictures for the five seasons.

1933 Football Team
Won the first and second games of the season. Then lost (game 3) to Villa Grove, 7-6. Tied (game 4) with Arthur, 6-6. And won the last five games of the season, starting a string of 33 consecutive victories.

First Row, L-R: Rae Edgar (student manager), Marcus Watson, James Fairbanks, Harold Ghere, Emmerson Gamble, John Lloyd, Paul Kutz, Robert Ginder, Thomas Reece (student manager)
Second Row, L-R: Woodrow Wilson, Morris Edgar, Earl Miller, James Edgar, John McLane, Joe Bilbrey, John Clark
Third Row, L-R: Coach Laurence Stauder, Glenn Harshbarger, James Brooks, Maurice Spanhook, Lawrence Harshbarger, Randall McMillin, Robert Foster, Harry Poynter, Stanley Moore, Donald Campbell,
Allen Gray, Donald Stump, Ed Poynter (student manager)

1934 Football Team
Won all eight games (unscored upon) and Okaw Valley Conference Championship.

First Row, L-R: Harold Ghere, James Fairbanks, Glenn Harshbarger, Randall McMillin, John Lloyd, Stanley Moore, Robert Foster
Second Row, L-R: Richard Duncan, Robert "Popeye" Pullen, Earl Miller (Captain), John Clark, Wilbur McConnell, Marcus Watson, Joe Lozier
Third Row, L-R: Donald McMillin, Maurice Spanhook, Billy Munson, Donald Ghere, Francis Maier, Mason Mullikin, Lawrence Harshbarger, Elmo Pearson
Fourth Row, L-R: Coach Kyle MacWherter, Harry Smith, Carl Ghere, Ralph Hamman, Jesse Sargent, Dale Gamble
Absent: Allen Gray, Armer Kearns

1935 Football Team
Won all nine games and Okaw Valley Conference Championship. Scored a total of 227 points (the most during the streak); allowing 7 points (Oakland was the only team to score).

First Row, L-R: Richard Black (student manager), Mason Mullikin, James Fairbanks (Captain), Glenn Harshbarger, Henry Zimmerman, Stanley Hilgenberg, Randall McMillin, Francis Maier
Second Row, L-R: Jesse Sargent, Donald Stump, Donald Ghere, Marcus Watson, Robert "Popeye" Pullen, Wilbur McConnell, Maurice Spanhook
Third Row, L-R: Charles Gee (student manager), Ralph Hamman, Harry Smith, Tom Blagg, Jesse Martin, John Lloyd, Donald McMillin (trainer), Billy Munson, Carl Butler, Coach Kyle MacWherter

1936 Football Team
Won all nine games and Okaw Valley Conference Championship.

First Row, L-R: Jesse Martin, Jesse Sargent, Glenn Harshbarger (Captain), Tom Blagg, Richard Black (student manager, holding football), Charles Gee, Roy Howey, Randall McMillin, Maurice Spanhook, Jack Lyons
Second Row, L-R: Kenneth Hendrickson, Billy Murphy, Kenneth Blagg, Wilbur McConnell, Robert "Popeye" Pullen, Donald Ghere, Dale Gamble, Wallace Spanhook, Junior Wainscott
Third Row, L-R: F.A. Wilson (Superintendent), Richard Wilkerson, Henry Ernst, Donald Pullen, Paul Ammons, Eugene Foreman, Donald Gordon, Coach Kyle MacWherter
Fourth Row, L-R: Lynn Green (student manager), Ralph Hamman, Harry Smith, Donald Thompson, Albert Greenwood

1937 Football Team
Lost the third game of the season, breaking the streak of 33 consecutive victories.

Kneeling, L-R: Richard Black, Ralph Grant (student managers)
First Row, L-R: Coach Kyle MacWherter, Jesse Sargent, Tom Blagg, Kenneth Henderickson, Eugene Foreman, Billy Murphy, Wallace Spanhook, Harry Ghere, Kenneth Blagg
Second Row, L-R: Richard Sabens, Ralph Hamman, Donald Ghere, Donald McMillin, Robert "Popeye" Pullen, Harry Smith, Richard Wilkerson, Donald Pullen
Third Row, L-R: Max Brandenburg, Lynn Green, Marion Sollars, Henry Ernst, Donald Thompson, Russell Sollars, Vernie Mattingly
Absent: Donald Gordon, Stephen McAvene, Robert McLane (student manager)

Photos from the Arcola Record-Herald, September 6, 1984. Research by Dr. Robert Arrol.

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